Low sodium hot sauce

Low sodium hot sauce is perfect for adding flavor without the extra sodium. It’s not uncommon news to hear that we’re eating too much salt. Reducing the amount of sodium we eat each day is vital if we want to live a healthy life. Ensuring we do this will reduce the risk of many health concerns such as obesity, heart issues and cancer.

Over the years, hot sauce has become increasingly popular. This is largely due to its versatility. We can use it as a condiment, to flavor foods or even to add a kick to our drink. If you’re looking to reduce your sodium intake, it doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on flavor, especially when it comes to hot sauce. 

The Risks Of High Sodium Consumption

On average, the amount of sodium a person consumes in a day is 4310mg. The World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended that a person should have no more than 2000mg [1]. This means that the average person is eating more than double the amount of recommended sodium each day. 

Numerous health concerns can arise from eating too much sodium. It’s known for causing increased blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and even cancers. It’s not something we immediately think about as we sprinkle extra salt onto our fries. However, we can purchase certain products that are labelled as having a lower amount of sodium to help reduce our intake. You can even purchase certain hot sauce brands that are known for having a lower amount of sodium.

Low Sodium Hot Sauce Options

Brother Bru Bru’s African Hot Sauce

With 0mg of sodium, this hot sauce is perfect if you’re looking to cut down on your sodium intake [2]. There’s no need to think that 0mg of sodium means the sauce won’t be flavorsome. Bru Bru’s African Hot Sauce has been created from Habanero peppers and African spices to give it an exotic taste.

Not only is it free from salt but also gluten, sugar and GMOs. The sauce has zero calories and is also vegan and keto-friendly, so you can add a kick to your food no matter what your diet.

Mr Spice Tangy Bang

This Mr Spice hot sauce also has 0mg of sodium [3]. The sauce has a tangy, sweet and sour element that will add a kick to any meal or snack. Key ingredients include apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger and cayenne. Mr Spice Tangy Bang works on using spices to add flavor to this sauce, instead of relying on sodium.

This sauce works well to create meals such as Spanish rice or a spicy Bolognese and can even be drizzled over some crispy potatoes to give them a kick.

Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce Trinidad Scorpion

With only 10mg of sodium, this hot sauce is also a great option if you’re looking to cut back [4]. It’s been created with the famous Trinidad scorpion peppers, which are well known for their fiery taste. With added fresh garlic and lime, there’s so much flavor to this hot sauce already, that there’s no need for any unhealthy sodium.

You can use Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce drizzled onto your chili, tacos or even a soup. It’ll give your food added flavor without you having to worry about how much sodium you’ve had throughout the day.

Siete Jalapeno Botana Sauce

This is a medium-spiced sauce that only has 30mg of sodium in each 1 tsp of serving [5]. It features a garlic taste with sweet undertones to give your food a unique flavor. Other key ingredients include jalapenos, avocado oil, dates and apple cider vinegar.

It’s a perfect choice to add onto your chicken or veg, especially if you’re looking for a sauce to add a slight edge to your food, and still be low in sodium.

Tabasco Pepper Sauce

This sauce has slightly more sodium than the previous options mentioned, however, for sodium standards, it’s still low. Per 1 tsp of sauce, there’s 35mg of sodium, meaning you can happily drizzle the sauce onto your food without guilt [6].

The Tabasco sauce is made up of only three ingredients which are peppers, vinegar and salt. There’s no need to think that just because salt is a main ingredient in this sauce that the bottle is going to be packed full of sodium. It’s the peppers that add the most amount of flavor to the sauce, giving it a kick that adds spice to your food. 

Tips For Reducing Sodium In Your Diet

There are plenty of ways for you to reduce your sodium intake. It doesn’t mean that you must cut out any of your favorite foods or reduce what you eat. One way to reduce your sodium intake is to use more herbs and spices to season your food. Not only will this reduce the amount of sodium you eat, but it can also work out much more flavorsome, especially if you’re adding hot sauce along with it.

Seasoning options that can really add some flavor to your food include cumin, chili powder, paprika and oregano. They can be sprinkled onto chicken breasts while cooking, added into any sauces or even used to season your food after it’s been cooked.

It also helps knowing how to read food labels. You’ll commonly find them on the back of your food item, and they’ll work in serving sizes. For example, with any hot sauce food labels, the serving size may be 1 tsp. Knowing that your daily recommended sodium intake is 2000mg will allow you to work out whether there’s a high amount of sodium in each serving. It’ll also help you by making sure you don’t go over that recommended amount.

There are only benefits when it comes to choosing a hot sauce low in sodium. You don’t lose out on flavor and they’re a much healthier option. You can enjoy your food guilt-free, while also knowing that you’re keeping your body healthy.

Reducing your daily intake of sodium is important if you want to stay in good health. Making small changes such as simply changing to a low sodium hot sauce can make all the difference when it comes to looking after yourself.


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