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Do you have a friend who lives and breathes hot sauce? Who is always on the quest for spicier, more exhilarating flavors? Who puts hot sauce on everything in a way that’s almost alarming? 

We’ve created a gift guide for people exactly like that. Here are 15 gifts to give your hot sauce-loving loved ones, whether for the holidays or a birthday they won’t soon forget!

Hot Sauce Gifts For Your Spicy FrIends

Mike’s Hot Honey Cocktail Gift Set

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Image source: Mike’s Hot Honey

Where to Buy: $50.00 on Mike’s Hot Honey

If your friend loves hot sauce, we will assume they also like spicy cocktails. In this case, we recommend gifting them Mike’s Hot Honey Cocktail Gift Set. This set provides everyone—from the rookie mixologist to the seasoned bartender—with essentials for an evening of delectable sweet and spicy cocktails. 

The Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix includes a blend of natural sugar and bitters, leaving you only to select your favorite whiskey for mixing. Depending on heat tolerance, drizzle Mike’s Hot Honey into your concoction as you wish. Its flawless blend of chilis and honey will make your cocktails triumphant. 

The set includes Mike’s Hot Honey coasters, a rose gold double-sided jigger, a bar spoon, and an extra packet of Mike’s Extra-Hot Honey. 

Huy Fong Sriracha2Go Keychain Set

Image Source: Sriracha2Go

Where to Buy: $15.99 on Sriracha2GoA1epGFyEGMHl

Huy Fong is often credited with putting Sriracha onto a broader map. With its unmistakable bright green lid and white rooster gloating on the label, Huy Fong is undoubtedly iconic and has garnered a devoted fanbase over the years. 

We love this Sriracha2Go Keychain Set as a functional yet comical gift for your loved ones who swear by Sriracha. 

The keychains, complete with the bright green lid, are ideally suited for that friend who puts Sriracha on absolutely everything. They can clip their miniature bottle of sriracha onto a backpack or belt loop and move through the day, confident that no meal will prove unspicy. 

Fuego Box’s Hot Sauce of the Month Club Subscription

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Image Source: This Mama Reviews

Where to Buy: Price Varies on Fuego Box

Fuego Box’s Hot Sauce of the Month Club offers a monthly selection of craft and small-batch hot sauces. We recommend this gift for someone you truly love—it is quite literally a gift that keeps giving.

You can choose between three subscriptions. “Dip Your Toe In” offers one hot sauce per month, with heat levels ranging from mild to hot. A “Sauce Lover” option showcases three sauces per month from all spice levels. For extra spicy-loving friends, opt for the “Pain Seeker” box, which includes two monthly bottles of “extra hot” sauces. 

Fuego Box avoids extract-based hot sauces and brands with gimmicky labeling, showcasing only the best that the hot sauce world has to offer. 

Tapatío Gift Basket

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Image Source: Tapatio Hot Sauce

Where to Buy: $150.00 at Tapatio Hot Sauce

The Tapatío Gift Basket is perfect for hardcore Tapatío fans (the ones who always have at least three bottles at home and one in their purse). 

The Tapatío Gift Basket includes: 

  • A distressed t-shirt
  • A pair of socks
  • A coffee mug
  • A baseball cap
  • An apron
  • A 32 oz. bottle of Tapatío hot sauce
  • A mouse pad
  • A koozie
  • A reusable grocery bag
  • Four keychains in the shape of Tapatío bottles

That’s enough merchandise to completely deck out your favorite Tapatío fan’s life—from their wardrobe to their office space—with not-so-subtle reminders of their best-loved hot sauce.

Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

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Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

Where to Buy: $48.00 on Uncommon Goods

The Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit by Uncommon Goods is a perfect gift option for your friend who brews kombucha, feeds a sourdough starter religiously, and hosts supper parties with garden-sourced seasonal fare. In other words, this kit gives your culinary-inclined friends a chance to experiment with something spicier: hot sauce. 

The kit includes six 5-ounce glass bottles, a slew of dried peppers and spices, and all the tools necessary to mix and bottle your personalized hot sauce. You will even find a collection of blank and colorful premade labels to adorn each unique concoction. 

Users are encouraged to embrace creativity and incorporate other ingredients, such as onions, cherries, or cilantro, to concoct a hot sauce as unique as the chef who made it. 

Fly By Jing Triple Threat9H7SKoFdwGfFRAro3mAThekoQwB0JX6QW fRNVGDojIaYCpHNHdmesdCz4BO0PvquMH5Hpq9CpqUFKS1YmaXYrdsJ TfQ2FpPtfIBKoushaGze7 uPyXj7npqr3N Ht5eiLePNNj49ncWAyb

Image Source: Target

Where to Buy: $46.00 on Fly By Jing

Fly By Jing makes savory and delicious chili crisps and spice mixes. The Fly By Jing Triple Threat is a fitting gift for friends and loved ones who often find themselves cooking Asian-inspired meals. 

The kit includes jars of Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, and Mala Spice Mix to level up any dish, instantly.

The products are crafted in small batches in Chengdu, Sichuan, and include thoughtful, natural ingredients for memorable flavors.

Lucky recipients of this gift can use their Fly By Jing Triple Threat to spice up noodles, pizza, and salads. We’ve heard the chili crisp is especially tasty on ice cream sundaes. 

Twelve Mermaids Hot Sauce Packets Variety Pack

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Image Source: Amazon

Where to Buy: $18.75 on Amazon

Twelve Mermaid’s variety pack of hot sauce packets offers the ultimate assortment of hot sauces in miniature doses. It’s perfect for friends who can never pick just one or capsaicin-loving companions who are always on the go. 

The variety pack includes up to 17 different types of classic hot sauces, from Tabasco and El Yucateco to Heinz Diamond Red and Lee Kum Lee. You are guaranteed to receive 60 packets of at least 12 different varieties of hot sauces, depending on what the stockist has on hand.

We love this as a gift because, while it’s guaranteed to make your friend smile, the variety pack also offers unique convenience and a diversity of choices. When it comes to hot sauce, why choose just one?

Homesweet Homegrown DOSE Single Strain Extracts 4-PackgtpxkNDiHKcmco mrO9RNLcxqR8ij3ZrdI3glRm7o7w6iv0SGUAB52AZduV kKPawAsZfuhDoUYIKTfP4oFS6LqWNPX62tKXcMdnDPiELQrrLtoRtYFjgtJT 0PpY ybPkuOt1jVUnh6omK6

Image Source: Homesweet Homegrown

Where to Buy: $46.00 on Homesweet Homegrown

DOSE Single Strain Extracts 4-Pack offers four miniature bottles of single-strain varieties of rare chili peppers grown at Homesweet Homegrown’s farm in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. 

Unlike other hot sauces, which contain ingredients like vinegar, carrots, and onions, DOSE is a pure pepper extract showcasing the pure flavors of some of the spiciest chilis on Earth. It’s a perfect addition to food, beer, and cocktails alike.

Each 4-pack includes a bottle of Aji Limon, Jigsaw Fire Cider, Caribbean Red, and Carolina Reaper extracts. 

We recommend this gift to the friends constantly working to improve their capsaicin tolerance.

The Hot Sauce Cookbook

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Image Source: Amazon

Where to Buy: $16.99 on Amazon

Here’s another perfect gift for your culinary-inclined hot sauce-loving friends. The Hot Sauce Cookbook by Robb Walsh offers 60+ from-scratch hot sauce recipes alongside vibrant photography and food-centric anecdotes. 

The dozens of recipes include riffs on classic brands like Frank’s RedHot and step-by-step guides for fermenting your own peppers. 

Readers will learn about the hottest sauces and spice blends worldwide, from Meso-American salsas and barbecue sauces to Indonesian sambal and Ethiopian berbere. 

Your cookbook-loving friends who want to make their own piquant condiments will thank you over and over again for this one. 

Pot d’Huile’s Hot Sloth CBD Hot SauceeZ1eTfoUJGGw6xnh0THg0LQibjriT8GFT oL6QLduFCmvlRg0c4eW R SDhWiuq1KElDhiFb FU8dhdZQmicA9CC UDJ0w9geiDDShp8uVltio3FzUNPlYbmgHFTeRNigbH9rx84SH

Image Source: Pot d’Huile

Where to Buy: $36.00 on Pot d’Huile 

Hot Sloth hot sauce is an especially apt gift for your friends who love to heat up (ahem, hot sauce) while chilling out (ahem, CBD). 

Hot Sloth is the first product launch of Pot d’Huile’s line-up of cannabis-infused condiments, and this one is special in so many ways. 

It’s magenta-hued and packed with pitaya and fermented plum. The peppery kick of habanero and Japanese white miso paste base notes make Hot Sloth’s flavor profile completely unique.

Let’s not forget that this sauce is infused with full-spectrum, farm-grown CBD. We can guarantee that your cannabisseur comrades will savor every last drop. 

Sriracha: The Game


Image Source: DSS Games

Where to Buy: $14.00 on DSS Games

Yet another Sriracha-themed gift makes it onto our list, and this one is perfect for your Sriracha-loving gamer buddies. Allow us to introduce you to Sriracha: The Game. 

One deck contains 52 cards with original Sriracha and food-themed art. Cards are evenly distributed between players, who must slap the deck for pairs and sandwiches. The first player to collect every card wins. 

It’s a fast-paced, on-your-toes type of game, suited for all ages. Give this gift to your friend who hosts game nights every Thursday, and bring a bottle of Sriracha along in case the party snacks are bland. 

“I Put Hot Sauce On My Hot Sauce” T-Shirt

Image Credit: Live Oak Brand

Where to Buy: 25.99 on Live Oak BrandvLYSUnOkSdtbX3XxZO0Hu0qBiUaHp3cD1vR8gNj2XYKhpXhCyVIyBXKVCiT02NAR R97hJ1sILnHUWxrCTwd5lFrXFC3lcO2oDMT1InbcV wlfJPa7RaRPfgC5I1X2tnzrGu6LSlJLc oJ1D

Ironic t-shirts are all the rage lately. If your favorite hot sauce-loving fashionista has a birthday coming up, consider gifting them a tee that spotlights their devotion to spicy condiments. 

Live Oak Brand’s “I Put Hot Sauce On My Hot Sauce” t-shirt is self-explanatory, and the truest hot sauce aficionados wear it best.

Made with 100% ring-spun cotton and complete with a front pocket, this clever garment is sure to fit just right.

“33 Hot Sauces” Tasting Journal 

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Image Source: 33 Books Co.

Where to Buy: $5.00 on 33 Books Co.

This pocket-sized hot sauce tasting journal by 33 Books Co. is a perfect gift for the intellectual chilihead in your life. 

Each page contains a heat meter, a flavor wheel, and a section for notes, allowing hot sauce connoisseurs to understand flavors while deepening their palettes. It’s a beautiful way for regular hot sauce eaters to track which spicy condiments they did or did not like as they taste their way through every bottle. 

33 Hot Sauces is made with 100% recycled papers sourced in the Pacific Northwest and printed in Portland, Oregon. 

Hot Ones Truth or Dab The GametJhX1uW zlLfoRW67Maevy29gJsVd XL2Gi lSX4ostwlUUrFg5uYaz 1 mTJ5AbA4SAzzgi7dlhgym 1dIupBAAuORjYJGub0kasBzyuw50vBKG3tMtKe4pENyCdq6EIOBHdvJvY8dpji8

Image Source: Heatonist

Where to Buy: $23.49 on Target

Here’s another perfect gift for hothead friends who love Hot Ones, the award-winning hot sauce-infused YouTube TV interview series. 

Players fight through trivia, get “roasted” by peers, and face profound inner truths to avoid suffering through the hottest hot sauce on Hot Ones: The Last Dab. 

This gift is sure to inspire lots of laughter, uncomfortable moments, and capsaicin overloads. We know you and your friends will love it. 

Hot Sauce Candles

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Image Source: Etsy

Where to Buy: $24.00 on Etsy

When it’s time to get cozy after a tiresome day of hot sauce consumption, what’s better than lighting a candle that honors your favorite condiment of all? 

We recommend this gift for your home-bodied hot sauce-loving pals. Choose between Cholula, Texas Pete Original, Valentina, or Crystal-themed candles, with scents ranging from Amber + Driftwood to Orange Sriracha. 

Repurposed 12-ounce hot sauce bottles filled with soy wax and natural essential oils make these hot sauce candles the perfect touch for a heat lover’s shrine. 

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