Mild hot sauce

Some of us don’t like our food too hot and spicy. We prefer flavor over spice. For many people, food with too much spice can take the flavor away. With food being too hot, it can be hard to concentrate on anything but the heat.

This is where mild hot sauces can play a huge role in adding flavor to your food. The best mild hot sauce will give your food enough of a kick without ruining the flavor.

If you love both extremes, then you may be wondering how to make your hot sauce more mild, so you don’t have to buy two separate bottles.

The Best Mild Hot Sauces

Hot Ones Hot Sauce, Buffalo Hot Sauce

This buffalo hot sauce has been created with mild cayenne peppers to give the taste a slight tang [1]. It has a hotness rating of 2/10, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise kicks. It has no artificial flavorings, with other key ingredients including distilled vinegar and butter. The butter works well at giving the sauce a creamier flavor, making it perfect to drizzle over hot wings or Southern fried chicken.

With plenty of five-star reviews to show it’s the best mild hot sauce, reviewers have said it’s “the best buffalo sauce I can remember having” and “it’s one of the more natural tasting buffalo sauces.”

Bravado Spice Co, Creamy Herb and Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Created with fresh jalapenos, herbs, garlic and olive oil, this creamy hot sauce will most certainly add more flavor than spice to your food [2]. It features only natural ingredients and it’s also free from gluten and dairy.

Packed with flavorsome herbs, Bravado has included Italian parsley, cilantro, and oregano in this jalapeno hot sauce. It’s the best mild hot sauce if you want something different to the usual tangy taste.

Reviewers have recommended using it in wraps and burritos to add flavor to your lunch. One reviewer stated that it “tastes like green chili hot sauces but creamier.”

Angry Goat Pepper Co, Blistered Shishito and Garlic Hot Sauce

With a heat rating of 2/10, this is the best mild hot sauce if you prefer flavor over spice [3]. This hot sauce features a blend of roasted shishito peppers, olive oil and garlic. It’s a great companion for potatoes, salads and steaks.

Past reviews have stated that the hot sauce is “versatile and goes great on pretty much anything.” Another reviewer commented on the flavor as a “nice garlic pepper combination without extreme heat.”

The Art Of Making Hot Sauce Mild

Hot sauces are made mild through the type of ingredients that are used. For example, they can be created with bell peppers or shishito peppers to keep spice at a minimum [4]. Some brands may also add dairy products such as butter into the hot sauce formula or herbs or olive oil. This can cancel out the spiciness of a sauce, leaving more room for a flavorsome sauce.

You can even learn how to make hot sauce more mild yourself. There are certain methods to turn even the spiciest of sauces into something much milder to accompany your snacks.

If you plan to create your very own hot sauce, then you think about using alternative ingredients, for example, using fewer hot peppers or including sweeter ingredients such as honey or maple syrup can reduce the spice. Even ingredients such as carrots or onions can reduce the heat that comes from a pepper.

If you already have a hot sauce and want to make it milder, there are also ways to do this. You can start by trying to add more base ingredients to the sauce such as tomato, vinegar or even fruit if you want sweet sauce.

Oils can also help to reduce the heat in a hot sauce. They work by dissolving the capsaicin, which is the hot part of a chili pepper. Adding butter or oil will keep the base flavors of a hot sauce while reducing the overall heat.

Cooking With Mild Hot Sauce

Mild hot sauce doesn’t just have to be drizzled over chicken wings or chips. It can also be incorporated into some delicious meals to give your dinners a unique twist.

If you love meatballs, then you can create some buffalo chicken meatballs [5]. All you need is three-quarters of a cup of panko breadcrumbs, one-third of a cup of your favorite buffalo mild hot sauce, one-quarter of a cup of celery, one large egg white and one pound of lean ground chicken.

You should start by preheating your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, then combine the breadcrumbs, hot sauce, egg and celery. Mix them all up and then add the chicken.

Shape the mixture into twenty meatballs and then place onto a greased baking tray for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Once cooked you can drizzle on extra mild hot sauce for even more flavor!

You can also pair mild hot sauces with different dishes to give them a unique twist. The sauce can go with just about anything including chicken nuggets, salads, stir fry, tacos and eggs. You can pair it with these foods either by drizzling it onto your food to add a quick burst of flavor, or you can add it while frying meats to ensure the flavor penetrates deep into the meat.   

Benefits Of Mild Hot Sauce

There are plenty of benefits that come from eating hot sauce and its milder versions. To start with, it’s low in calories so you can eat as much as you want, guilt-free [6]. It also has a high amount of vitamin C. This powerful ingredient works at keeping your immune system healthy and is also an antioxidant, working at neutralizing free radicals.

Mild hot sauce also has its culinary benefits as well. If you aren’t a fan of spice, then you can still use it to add flavor to your dish. Whether you prefer a milder version of a hot sauce or a sauce with more herbs, both types will add plenty of flavor.

Another culinary benefit comes from its versatility. You can add it to almost any dish to give your food a fresh flavor.

You need to find the perfect balance of heat and flavor when it comes to a mild hot sauce. If you’re not keen on spice, then an herb or garlic hot sauce may be the best option for you. If you like your hot sauce with a slight kick, then you may want to try an option that’s tangy or has had its heat diluted.

If you struggle to find your perfect hot sauce, then you can even make your own! Hot sauces require minimal ingredients, making them easy to create. You can also tailor the level of spice or herb to suit your taste buds.


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